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Our team of highly trained, experienced, enthusiastic staff love teaching the art of jewelry making to children in a fun, engaging and age appropriate way.  After school enrichment programs and jewelry making classes are now available for the whole family. 

All of our jewelry Making technique classes and workshops are held in our modern home studio located in South San Francisco at 55 Nursery Way.

Call 650-303-1900 to schedule your appointment with our Lead Designer.  Learn how to make your own jewelry, sign up for a jewelry making class today!


See what our happy clients have to say about our classes:
"The adult Beginning Bead Stringing Class with Stacee was very informative and fun.  By the end of the class I was able to make simple necklaces and earrings, I knew what each tool does and how to work it, what wire I need for different projects.  The class covers a lot of basics that you need to be familiar with.  It'll take some practice to get good at it, but that's the fun part.  :-)  Stacee is really energetic, patient, friendly, and accommodating.  Her personality makes her a really great teacher. The classes were held in their home studio.  The studio is very comfortable and spacious.  I would definitely not have any reservations about taking another class or sending my kids here.  It's a fun learning environment.  In fact, I'm sure I will take the next beading class in a couple of months." Lidiya

"I have always loved the idea of making my own jewelry, not necessarily for me per se, but the thought did cross my mind, which would explain some of the materials I already had at hand, because...I love collecting supplies and as my husband says..."buying supplies and not using them." Yes, the thrill of buying supplies.  I know that all too well!  But, not anymore do I not know how to use them!  =P

Anyway, I signed up for a beginning jewelry-making class at the College of San Mateo, not knowing what to expect.  Immediately, I was greeted by our instructor, Stacee, and her assistant, Angelina.  They were both very friendly, so I felt more relaxed and was looking forward to the class.  By the end of the night, I had already completed a pair of earrings, and learned the basics to stringing and crimping!  I felt accomplished.  =D That was how it was each time after class...the sense of accomplishment that I learned something new, and had something to show for!  I attribute this to Stacee, who taught us the many tricks and techniques, and who made sure we understood what we were to do, every step of the way!

I signed up for the intermediate jewelry-making class, that introduced wire-wrapping as the new technique.  This was located in her South San Francisco studio, which is the garage of her house.  This is no ordinary garage though...spacious, very well air-conditioned, and very chic-ly decorated!  I was fortunate to have Stacee teach me one-on-one as I was the only person who signed up for the Wednesday afternoon class.  I was grateful that she chose to teach me one-on-one rather than canceling the class altogether.  I definitely learned a lot during these three sessions, and Stacee was very patient with me.  It was a lot of fun, for sure!  Stacee is a very warm, loving person.  You can pretty much tell that about her immediately, in person, and through our correspondences through email.  She never hesitates to make sure we understand every step, and encourages us to ask lots of questions, even general questions about jewelry-making.  She's always very encouraging, and she has a way of making you feel like a million bucks!! =D

I am definitely looking forward to future classes!!  I think I have found a passion, even though, admittedly, I'm not so good at it, but you don't have to necessarily be good at something you are passionate about, right?  You just have to be driven to learn more and more!  Ironically, I do not really wear much jewelry at all...Hahaha.  I just like looking at pretty things, and, now I get to make them too!! =D  Plus, MORE SUPPLIES, and an infinite amount of beads to choose from!  =D

I would definitely recommend taking some classes here, for adults and kids alike!  I can see how much kids would enjoy doing something like this!  =D I wish I had such opportunities as a kid!  I would have definitely taken advantage of that!"